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Easy Breezy Bruschetta!

I had a great activity-filled weekend and I am looking forward to an amazing week. Positive thinking 101.

We had a family picnic yesterday and we all had to bring snacks along. I made blondies that were oh-so-awesome and i couldn’t wait to share the recipe on here. But I was in such a rush i didn’t take pictures before we head out. And then at the park they were devoured in seconds. There really wasn’t any time for pictures. The weather was so beautiful and it was such a gorgeous day outside with family, all I wanted to do was exhale and unwind. Trying out all the tai chi, jiu jutsu and kung fu styles to get a good angle for the perfect picture was definitely not in my plans. Photography is such a chore!

My nephew took a bite into one of the blondies and his eyes popped. With his mouth full he mumbled “oh this is so good”, and then turned to his cousin (who loves to bake) and asked “did you make these”? I shamelessly and proudly raised my hands up and said “I did, I did”. I was overjoyed. His reaction was priceless! Damn, they were good. But i didn’t take pictures, so i will have to make them again so I can take pictures and share. A reason to bake? Yes, please!

I also made bruschetta’s for the picnic and i forgot to take pictures as well. This was the only picture i could take. When it was going down…


These were again awesome. Everyone loved them. Nothing like the food you prepare finishing in seconds. It is an exhilarating feeling. A super-heroic feeling. Like you can conquer the world. Yes!

Bruschetta’s are pretty straightforward. Calabrese long plain bread (a fatter version of a baguette is the best way I can describe it), brushed with a melted butter-olive oil-dried basil-garlic salt mix. Then topped with mortadella, grated provolone and mozzarella cheese, sliced cherry tomatoes, chopped green peppers and pepperoni. And baked at 375 ºF for 8 minutes. 

Super easy, a great appetizer, customizable, and it comes together in all of 15/20 minutes. So if you are ever hosting and thinking of a quick and easy appetizer, this will do the trick.

And since i couldn’t take a picture yesterday, and i had some of the bread left from yesterday, i decided to make some for breakfast today. Talk about multi-functional.



Have a great week!



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